Amplify Partners helps its nonprofit, foundation and social venture clients re-imagine strategy, take advantage of untapped potential and move from doing good to doing best. Because doing good is not enough in today's competitive world.  By placing one-on-one and team coaching at the center of each client engagement, Amplify emphasizes its commitment to actionable, sustainable change. Teaching how to do rather than just what to do

  • How to strengthen capacity to grow revenue to support short- and long-term plans
  • How to build actionable, ongoing strategic thinking, planning and doing capacity
  • How to recruit, deploy and support an effective leadership and governance team
  • How to find and project an authentic organizational voice … and more.

Check out our portfolio of services below and then drop us a note to start a conversation. 


Portfolio of AMPLIFY Services

Supporting Family Philanthropy

Supporting Family Philanthropy

Supporting Family Philanthropy

➢ Family philanthropy planning

➢ Family foundation design and start-up

➢ Philanthropic advisory services

➢ Grantmaking strategy development

➢ Grantee research and evaluation 

➢ Staffing support for small/mid-size family foundations

➢ Support for volunteer-staffed foundations

➢ Meeting and retreat facilitation

➢ Consultation and problem-solving 

Financial Resource Development

Supporting Family Philanthropy

Supporting Family Philanthropy

➢ Major gifts, annual and capital campaigns

➢ Fundraising feasibility studies

➢ Fundraising assessment, planning and counsel

➢ Prospect/donor research, identification and engagement

➢ Foundation and institutional fundraising

➢ Planned giving and endowments

➢ Donor-centered communications

➢ Volunteer/staff training and coaching

➢ Gift processing services

Building Organizational Capacity

Consulting Services for Social Ventures

Consulting Services for Social Ventures

➢ Strategic planning and design thinking

➢ Organizational needs assessment

➢ Board development and recruitment

➢ Staff development and team building

➢ Executive on-boarding and coaching

➢ Meeting and retreat facilitation

➢Strategy consulting for charitable organizations 

Consulting Services for Social Ventures

Consulting Services for Social Ventures

Consulting Services for Social Ventures

➢ Clarifying venture goals, scope and boundaries

➢ Venture design, strategy and planning

➢ Funding, collaborations and partnerships

➢ Prospect identification, research and engagement

➢ Positioning, marketing and public relations planning

➢ Executive coaching and consulting services

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