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Going Long: Building a Legacy of Family Philanthropy


 For a substantial number of high net-worth Americans, establishing charitable foundations and family funds has become an attractive and tax-effective way of channeling philanthropy, and the proliferation of such vehicles has reached unprecedented levels...

Raising the Next Generation of Givers


There is a strong argument to be made for multi-generational philanthropy based on the notion that wealth accumulated over multiple generations or through the extraordinary success of one generation ideally should be used to build social capital with long-term, recurring benefits... 

Multi-Generational Models that Work


Three alternative models for structuring family philanthropy, each of which — properly planned and managed — can produce meaningful and satisfying long-term results...

Why Strategic Doing Beats Strategic Planning


Done conventionally, strategic planning empowers the consultant, not the executive. Executive  coaching, on the other hand, invests in the development of leaders who  then empower their organizations, boards, and staffs to think big and execute well...

The Strategic Thinker-Leader


Strategy isn't a thing, a plan, a committee, or a document. It's a way of thinking about change — a way of imagining  that demands action. Because, at the end of the day, strategy is  nothing more than a language for translating ideas into outcomes...

Reluctant Rolodex Syndrome


 "Rolodex" continues to be one of the most widely used terms among development officers and fundraising consultants — not to mention one of the most anxiety-inducing words in the English language for nonprofit board members and major donors...