About us

“Amplify Partners pushed us to think in new ways. They helped us build a solid strategic plan, reimagine our leadership structure and achieve fundraising goals beyond our dreams."

the amplify approach:

Experienced-based, future-focused

Our approach is simple:






While experience shapes the way we work, we consistently innovate with new strategies to create change and maximize impact.

Amplify Partners has assembled a team of experienced nonprofit executives, fundraisers and planners with unique know-how in fundraising, family philanthropy and organizational sustainability.

By placing one-on-one and team coaching at the center of each client engagement, Amplify emphasizes actionable, sustainable change. Teaching how to do and not only what to do. Because what we leave behind is just as important as what we bring.

the right roadmap for
your organization

Every Amplify client is unique, and each Amplify solution is customized to address your particular situation and goals. No cookie-cutter approaches for us, because one-size never fits all.

We understand your stakeholders. With proprietary research and data-driven analysis, we identify opportunities and develop plans to help you achieve your goals

Partnerships define us

While we have a national and global reach, Amplify is small enough to get up-close and personal with each of our clients.

As your partners, we coach one-on-one or with your team, strengthening pitches, accompanying you on solicitations, and helping you structure and manage for sustainability and growth.

our primary service areas

Financial resource development/ fundraising

family philanthropy/ planning and support

ORGANIZATIONAL sustainability/ capacity building